"Ladies & Gentlemen,

How do Ye do?

Very shortly, Ol' Punch

will be here,

To see You!"


Boston's senior Punch & Judy Professor- since 1976

"Prof" Will Stackman

Punch for all Seasons

41 Laurel St. #1,  Somerville MA  02143  USA     (617) 776-0969

Currently Available;

1) Traditional Punch & Judy Shows - versions appropriate to audience and venue, indoors or out, large or small. From 12 to 50 minutes.

2) "Fabulous Furry Fables" - with your host, Mr. Punch. OUR PARTY SHOW!

3) Season-specific shows created for special events and celebrations. Suitable for promotions. For family or adult audiences as desired.

4) Lecture Demo - "Mr. Punch in America" - for colleges/educational programs

5) Portable stages designed and built, from suitcase to trailer size

Several puppet booths available, sound used when appropriate. Space needed ; 4' x 6'

Reach the Professor on the Web at : ProfWill66@HotMail.com

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