Guild Scholarships

The Boston Area Guild of Puppetry offers scholarships to help members attend puppetry festivals and workshops. Scholarship awards are determined by the Scholarship Committee, consisting of Margaret Moody and Kurt Staven.

The following are guidelines for applying for festival scholarships:

Scholarship recipients must be a member of BAGOP in good standing. That means dues must be paid in the year the request is made. He or she should have worked on at least one BAGOP event (Day of Puppetry, party, meeting, board or committee.) He or she will report back to the Guild in writing, describing the Festival and what he or she has gained from the experience. If possible submit the article to The Control Stick.

Requests are usually submitted by May 15th for the upcoming summer and fall festivals, but will be accepted at other times of the year for special events. All requests will be reviewed, and people will be notified ASAP.

Please fill out the form below, which will be sent to the Scholarship Committee. Scholarships are limited to $250.00 per request. You may request more than once. Please know funds are limited.